This is the course webpage for a course called "R, LaTeX, Sweave and R packages" that I taught to students from the department of economics at the University of Waterloo.

All my slides are uploaded as a movie in the Quicktime movie format (compressed), in full quality PDF format and as an Keynote html export. Probably the best way to learn the content is by using the html slides with Safari or Chrome. When using the Quicktime movies: you need to press the arrow keys to advance to the next slide or go back to the previous slide (manual advance). Some of the PDF content might be a awkward, as the presentation sometimes uses animation to explain the content.

This web page is work in progress. I will be updating the content here frequently. So keep coming back.

Lecture 1: Introduction to R

Lecture 2: R basics

Lecture 3: Data Analysis in R

Will be taught on November 8 2012 from 12:30pm - 1:50pm in EV1 350.

Lecture 4: Graphics

Lecture 5: Programming Fundamentals

Lecture 6: LaTeX

Lecture 7: Sweave and R packages